145 party members in UK support Black Jewish pro-Palestinian activist

“I am Jackie Walker” – 145 Labour Palestine supporters tell party leadership: “I too am guilty” Against the background of calls for Ken Livingstone’s expulsion from the Labour Party for remarks about Zionism, 145 party members have publicly declared their solidarity with Jackie Walker, the Black Jewish pro-Palestinian activist who seems set to be the next victim of Labour’s blood-letting, Free Speech on Israel said.

In an Open Letter sent to Jeremy Corbyn on Monday, scores of Jewish and non-Jewish party members list seven accusations that have been levelled against Jackie Walker. Taking up the “I am Spartacus” cry from oppressed slaves in the famous movie – they each say “I am Jackie Walker” and “I too am ‘guilty’ of such charges … because we believe these to be reasonable statements, accurately describing Israel’s policies and actions and in no way anti-Semitic.”
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