Erekat: Nakba means an ongoing journey of pain, loss, and injustice

Secretary General of the PLO Executive Committee, Erakat on the 69th Nakba Anniversary, in an official statement said that [the Palestinians’] national catastrophe, is symbolized in exile and the systematic denial of rights. The Nakba means an ongoing journey of pain, loss, and injustice.

“Today we mark Deir Yassin and Abu Shusha, among other massacres that led our people to exile. As with almost every single crime committed by Israel before and since its creation, the criminals responsible for such massacres and war crimes enjoyed full impunity,” Erekat said.

“In order to achieve a just and lasting peace between Israel and Palestine, it is important that Israel recognizes the Nakba and apologizes for it,” Erekat added. “In that sense, we call upon the Israeli government to open all its 1948 archives and show their own nation the truth of what was done to our people, including its ethnic cleansing policies and the policy of shooting to kill Palestinians that attempted to return home.”
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