Why Every Jew Should Call For This Palestinian To Be Freed

Why the Palestinian Authority would arrest a man fighting for Palestinian national determination is a mystery – just as mysterious as why Israel would pursue an activist committed to nonviolence. If anyone should represent the joint interests of Palestinians and Israelis, it’s Issa Amro. And yet they can only agree on the need to silence him.
Amro has a host of international supporters, including nine U.S. members of congress, who recently signed a letter demanding Amro’s release. “Free and fair public debate is critical to establishing peace in the region,” write the members of congress.
But Amro’s cause is not only the cause of free speech and the right to self-determination. Amro embodies the belief that Israeli Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza can end in a nonviolent way. He represents the hope that Palestinians will achieve full human and civil rights without the spilling of more Jewish blood. He represents hope in a future that values Jew and Arab equally. And as such, Amro is the future of this conflict, if it will ever be resolved.