Abbas to call on UN to determine Palestinian State borders

 Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to call on the UN General Assembly to determine Palestinian state borders.

Abbas’ speech will focus on the need to turn the country of Palestine from a UN member state to a real state. The president will call on the UN to determine the borders of the Palestinian state. “The call to dictate the borders is already established in UN resolutions.”  “But we expect a clear and official decision from the UN that will clarify the decision in order to deal with the settlement policy of the occupation in the West Bank and Jerusalem and in order to deal with the occupation’s plan to divide the Gaza Strip from the West Bank. That’s why we want the UN to establish the borders of our independent country.”

Salama’s comments come despite reports that the Palestinian Authority leadership made commitments before Trump’s emissaries to the Middle East to halt their unilateral appeals to international institutions for a number of months against Israel with the intention of advancing the creation of a Palestinian state.

Meanwhile, a member of the PLO executive committee told Breitbart Jerusalem, “If there is no real breakthrough in the political process that establishes a clear timeline for the creation of a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, President Abbas will tell Trump and the American government that he will dismantle the Palestinian Authority and the international community can take responsibility for the lives of the millions of Palestinians who will continue to live in a regime of occupation.”
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