“Jerusalem, whoever is in Jerusalem; in Jerusalem, I only see you; the Palestinian”

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Palestine Update  95

“Jerusalem, whoever is in Jerusalem; in Jerusalem, I only see you;
the Palestinian”
By Bisan Kassis
Since assuming office, Donald Trump has imposed a Muslim travel ban to the US, has defended white supremacists in their actions and rhetoric, has called American neo-nazis as “very fine people”, has downgraded women, has insulted human rights activists and has disrespected international leaders, among many other bullying and racists acts. So it is only natural that a chauvinistic, racist, white supremacist, uneducated, ignorant buffoon like him would be an admirer of the state of Israel and recognize Jerusalem as its capital in contradiction to all international laws, treaties and regulations. His act, however is not something that comes shockingly against what his predecessors have been applying. Throughout its course of life, all American presidents have done their utmost to prove their loyalty to, blind support for, and unquestionable alliance with Israel and in various ways. Trump’s style, albeit different, but its results fall well in line with the American history of meddling in our fate.

That being said, this act of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is problematic for the Israelis themselves. After they are done foolishly “celebrating” this step as a victory, they will remember the predicament of dealing with the hundreds of thousands Palestinians living in Jerusalem. The nature of Israel will force the regime to either further fortify an apartheid system that is already intact in the city but now on a more official level, or they will exceed their speed of forcibly displacing the Palestinian population in an exodus-style – most probably- violent expulsion. Either way, it will push Israel further into the abyss of its brutality and its shameful record of human rights violations and it will further systemize the war crimes it commits which one day will inevitably be acknowledged and accounted for.

As for the Palestinian Authority, Trump has given them a golden chance on a silver platter. It is an opportunity for them to get out of the self-imposed labyrinth they got themselves and us into. Thus far, it is the most obvious event which proves without a doubt that the USA is not the honest, mother-like incubator and broker for the peace process, and it had never been. So instead of echoing empty speeches and slogans, the PA could gracefully dismantle itself and call upon the UN and the EU states to take over control and be held accountable in a serious attempt to clean up the mess they have either helped create and generate or ardently supported for the last 70 years.

As for us Palestinians, Trump’s act is empty and void. Jerusalem is our capital and it will forever be. We are born and raised with our eyes turned to it and we die yearning for it. We are romantically and extravagantly connected with Jerusalem because it is not only just a capital city for us, but also it is our identity, the heart of our struggle, the core of our beauty and the source of our strength. All those who have passed through the city, the various nations, civilizations, occupiers and colonizers have not managed to erase our traces from it, cut our supernatural tie with it, or change our unconditional love for it. Trump can say whatever he wants; Israel may celebrate as far as it manages; the world can watch with silence and impunity as long as it spins; but till the end of time Jerusalem will continue to be the capital of Palestine.

“Jerusalem, whoever is in Jerusalem; in Jerusalem, I only see you [the Palestinian]”**

* Bisan Kassis is social scientist and researcher who has worked with advocacy and human rights based organizations in Beit Sahour. She is currently Senior Consultant with GRIP Consultants.
**(Translated from a poem by Palestinian poet,columnist and political scientist Tamim Al- Barghouti

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Fact Sheet:
Jerusalem as “Israel’s Capital” is violation of the International Position

When President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on Wednesday 6 December 2017; he initiated an unprecedented move that violates numerous International laws as well as dozens of United Nations resolutions.
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We’re fed up with your protests
“The “recommendations bill” – for this Israel will take to the streets. The hatred for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu jolted a third of a percent of Israelis from their indifference. The last time it happened, the price of cottage cheese fell. Now they want the publication of police recommendations, the preservation of the rule of law and of course Netanyahu’s downfall…But the people are still afraid to touch what really matters. The recommendations bill will fail, and Netanyahu’s end will come. Then what?

There are a thousand reasons for these good Israelis to take to the streets, and they chose the least of them. What they should do is to come out en masse against U.S. President Donald Trump’s insane plan to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. Millions, half the nation, should be there to cry out, Thanks but no thanks, America. We’re not willing to spill more blood for your hollow gestures. We don’t want another prize for the occupier, another carrot for the criminal. We don’t want an embassy in Jerusalem; we want justice and equality in Jerusalem. Just imagine millions of Israeli, Jews and Arabs, marching together against Trump’s decision. What an effect this would have, here in Israel and around the world”.
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Jerusalem, the capital of apartheid
Since the fall of the South African Apartheid in 1994, no capital – in fact, no other city on the globe – has been divided into 60% first-class full citizens and 40% second-class “residents”. Precisely this, however, is the essence of “united” Jerusalem. When Israel occupied and annexed the eastern parts of the city in 1967, it regretfully found out that they were inhabited – by Palestinians, more than 300.000 of them by now. These Palestinians were not granted the Israeli citizenship, but merely turned into tolerated inhabitants, as if they had somehow infiltrated into their own city. As non-citizens they can participate in municipal elections, but have no voting rights to the Knesset, under whose jurisdiction the whole of Jerusalem falls. If they stay out of Jerusalem for too long (guess who decides how long), they lose even their residence status and be thrown out of the city altogether, as happened to thousands of them.

Celtic fans send message to Trump
Celtic fans sent a blunt message to President Donald Trump. It’s unlikely that the President of the USA was watching the match in one of the many Celtic pubs across the states but the message made its mark across social media. It caused enough controversy at about the same time when Trump announced midweek that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel. That prompted angry responses by supporters of Palestine with Celtic fans going public in their support for Palestine.

150 Palestinians arrested, 1200 injured since Trump Jerusalem move
A total of 150 Palestinians since US recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. On the other hand, 1250 Palestinians have been injured by IOF during protests and clashes following the recognition on Wednesday night. According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, a total of 1250 people have been injured, 150 of whom were injured by live fire by the Israeli army”.