Hamas is ‘trying to defuse tension’, but resistance is ‘ready to respond’

A member of the Hamas Political Bureau has said that Israel does not want to escalate tensions on the border with Gaza, Al-Resalah reported on Sunday. Mahmoud Al-Zahar revealed “efforts” to defuse the ongoing tension. “It is very clear that the Israeli occupation does not want to go for a new confrontation or war, especially after the latest tension in the north,” explained Al-Zahar. “The downing of the Israeli fighter in the north has cast a shadow over Israel.”

He added that the “development” of the Palestinian resistance is deterring the Israelis from starting a war.” In any case, stressed Al-Zahar, “The Palestinian resistance does not want to deplete its resources in such an escalation.” He gave no details of the efforts to defuse the situation, but insisted that the resistance is “ready” for any Israeli “aggression”. The senior Hamas official pointed out that Palestinian resistance groups, including Hamas, have the legal right to resist the Israeli occupation. Such a right is guaranteed by international laws and conventions.
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