Open letter from Sweden to all people of good will in Palestine, Israel and the World community

Palestine Update  149

Open letter from Sweden to all people of good will in Palestine, Israel and the World community

Participants present at Sjövik, Dalarna, Sweden, Sunday June 17, 2018 in the seminar organized by Kairos Palestine-Sweden in cooperation with Jews for Israeli-Palestinian Peace (JIPF), Swedish Muslims for Peace and Justice, Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation, Friends of Sabeel – Sweden, Diocese of Västerås – Church of Sweden, Kista Folk High School and Sjövik Folk High School issued the following letter. The statement reminds us of the Amman Call of the WCC issued in June 2007 that commits Christians to “act and pray and speak and work and risk reputations and lives to build with you bridges for an enduring peace among the peoples of this tortured and beautiful place -Palestine and Israel- to end these decades of injustice, humiliation and insecurity, to end the decades of living as refugees and under occupation. It also reaffirms a central Kairos principle that “We believe in God, good and just. We believe that God’s goodness will finally triumph over the evil of hate and of death that still persist in our land”.

• Our solidarity with the Palestinian people in the 70th year of ongoing Nakba.

• Our protest to the world community that accepts the ongoing destruction of Palestinian lives and land, colonization, occupation and separation and fragmentation of the Palestinian people. Israel is responsible for the undoing of Palestinian national self determination, responsible for a vicious system of oppression, of breaking international law and committing crimes against humanity.

• Our demand that the Israeli government cancels the plans for the forced transfer of Khan al Ahmar and other Palestinian communities, the threat to Susya. We call upon the Swedish government and the world community to go beyond statements and ensure that Israel does not carry out these crimes which we with Be’Tselem name war crimes

• Our conviction that the international character of Jerusalem must remain, honoring the Jewish, Christian and Muslim character of the city, respecting international law and the national aspirations of both Palestinians and Israelis linked to the city.

• Our fear that if the siege of Gaza does not stop the unbearable humanitarian situation in Gaza will turn this world’s largest open air prison into an unimaginable human disaster.

• Our compassion with the people of Gaza who has suffered the killings by snipers during mostly peaceful demonstrations for their Human Rights and their right to return.

• Our respect for civil society efforts to build a truly inclusive and international movement of nonviolent democratic actions to pressure Israel to work for a just peace and the fulfilling of obligations under international law.

• Our understanding of the position taken by many organizations to support Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions in the context of occupation, separation and siege.

• Our plea to the European countries not to participate in the European Song Contest planned for Israel 2019. While Israel is expanding its colonial drive which also includes expulsion of Palestinians from their homes, from their land and from the country, the great majority of Israelis live as everything is normal. Having the European Song Contest in Israel is strengthening this line of willful ignorance. Therefore the 2019 European Song Contest should not take place in Israel.

• Our joy in seeing a global movement of Muslims, Jews, and Christians, religious and secular, determined to live the religious heritage from the Middle East in a mutually just, inclusive and liberating manner, caring for the wounded Earth and all its peoples.

We who live in a Europe of many elderly people join hands with you the many young people of Palestine and Israel, ensuring you that we will continue to raise our voices and to work with you and for your life, your rights and your dignity as long as we can.

Benjamin Ladraa, a 25-year-old Swede, walked
4,800 kilometers from Sweden to Palestine to raise
to raise awareness on Palestine


Don’t befriend me for a day, and leave me a month. Don’t get close to me if you’re going to leave. Don’t say what you don’t do. Be close or get away.
 لا تصاحبني يوماً .. لتهجرني شهراً ولا تقربني .. لتبعدني .. لا تقل ما لا تفعل كُن قريباً .. أو ابتعد.

Mahmoud Darwish.

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