82 NGOs tell on G77 and China Abbas is illegitimate Palestinian leader

Eighty-two NGOs in Gaza Strip sent a letter to G77 and China telling that that Mahmoud Abbas is no longer legitimate representative of Palestinians based on Palestinian Basic Law.
According to Article 36 of the Palestinian Basic Law and its amendments of 2005, which was approved by Abbas himself after becoming PA president, Abbas has lost his constitutional legitimacy since 2009.
The letter stated that Abbas punitive measures against civilians in the Gaza Strip caused their living condition to deteriorate. Gaza Strip, is another reason that makes him illegal. They also stated that the dissolution of the freely-elected parliament through an illegal constitutional court, which caused a major setback in the public freedoms in the West Bank, and led to the collapse of the Palestinian political structure, and contributed to the deepening of the Palestinian division, is a third reason making him illegal.
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