About Us

Palestine Updates seeks to be a resource space for those who work in solidarity with Palestinians in their struggle for freedom and justice. Palestine Update subscribes to the notion that Palestinians have the right to resist the illegal occupation of their lands according to international law and in line with UN resolutions. We support dialogue and non-violence as the preferred methods of arriving at a just settlement of Palestinian liberation.

The website of Palestine Updates (see www.palestineupdates.com) contains information from a broad range of sources – Palestinians, Israeli, and international. It serves as a clearing house for historical and current information about happenings especially in the Palestinian territories, global campaigns, Israeli peace movement initiatives, and critiques of government policies in Israel and Palestine which hurt the people. It also conveys news from progressive Palestinian civil society groups, human rights organizations (local and international), and individual academics and writers.

Palestine Updates features and promotes selected ongoing international campaigns.

The Palestine Update Face Book page allows for members to exchange news and views on the situation in Palestine. Views that prompt hate and discrimination will not be permitted on this Face Book page.

Our twice-a-week newsletter “Palestine Updates” will be sent to churches, justice-solidarity activists, NGOs, civil society and social movements, and interested individuals. The newsletter will include news/facts-analysis about how political decisions affect the prospects for a just peace. News will be drawn from a variety of sources from around the world. Weekend specials will carry important think-pieces written by eminent thinkers on Palestine. Those who wish to receive this must write to palestineupdates11@gmail.com