After 50 years of occupation, Palestine is still steadfast and resisting

In an insightful article, Dr. Mustapha Barghouthi recount the 50 years “that passed since the Israeli army occupied the West Bank, including Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights”. He also narrates how “almost 70 years have passed since more than two thirds of the Palestinian people were displaced at the hands of Zionist gangs”.

In this article, Barghouthi describes how “During all these harsh years, the Palestinian people didn’t succumb and didn’t concede their national rights. They resisted with all means, everywhere, sacrificing tens of thousands of martyrs, as well as those injured and about one million male and female captives detained in occupation prisons.

Despite repression and abuse, seizing lands and properties and the incursion of the settlement monster, despite the imposition of inadequate and tragic agreements such as Oslo, despite repeated barbaric Israeli invasions and aggressions in the West Bank and Gaza, the Palestinian people’s cause not only remained alive but rather became the first issue of human conscience in our times.

Perhaps the greatest exploit made by our Palestinian people was during and after what the Arabs called Al-Naqsa or ‘The Setback’, what Israel named as the “Six-Day War” and what the Palestinians identified as the “Huzairan Aggression”, that was the heroic steadfastness of the Palestinians on the territory of their homeland and refusal to leave or be displaced after what they learned from the bitter “Nakba” (the Catastrophe) experience in 1948”.
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