Al Mezan Briefing Paper: Effects of Aerial Spraying on Farmlands in the Gaza Strip

A briefing paper from Al Mezan points out the risks of chemical spraying of farmlands, by Israeli forces, in the conflict-stricken Gaza Strip. The practice affects the livelihood and right to food of the population, while potentially harming Gaza’s fragile environment and decaying infrastructure. Despite the evident impact on the population’s human rights, Israeli military authorities have rejected calls to end this practice or to be fully transparent about the chemicals used.
The spraying is reported to be creating a lasting change to the chemical composition of entire swaths of arable land, reaching up to 700 meters beyond the designated “buffer zone”. The consequences of these actions are marked economic harm to farmers and the farming industry, and could also severely damage the environment and public health, both of which are already in a precarious state due to the closure/blockade.
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