Al-Rahma Mosque and the power of the popular resistance

    Jerusalemites have, once again, after the uprising in July 2017, presented a commendable model of popular resistance capable of challenging the occupation’s unfair measures and of imposing a Palestinian fait accompli. Al-Rahma Mosque is not just part of a door to open, but rather a large part and component of Al-Aqsa Mosque. Inside it is ancient historical pillars, and its outer walls are connected to the Al-Rahma and Tawbah Gates. The popular act of performing prayer in the mosque and its courtyard represents a purely patriotic act because it pre-empted dangerous colonial colonisation plans to seize the mosque and turn it into a space for the construction of an alleged temple.
    The people of Jerusalem have demonstrated, through their actions, the power of the concept and performance of genuine popular resistance.
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