Apartheid is a Crime: Portraits of the Israeli Occupation

Mats Svensson, a former Swedish diplomat whose personal experience of Palestine opened up the possibility of rethinking through Palestinian narratives, clarifies the role of diplomacy in the preface to his book, “Apartheid is a Crime. Portraits of the Israeli Occupation” (Cune Press, 2019). Diplomats, he declares, “could not call a thief a thief, a murderer, a murderer, colonialism, colonialism, apartheid, apartheid. The only thing that mattered was silent diplomacy. So silent that no one heard it.”

One of the ramifications of diplomatic silence has been the obliteration of Palestinian narratives in favour of a distorted view as to what constitutes Palestine and Palestinians. “How an uncontested truth could be so distorted?” asks Palestinian writer and academic Ramzy Baroud in his foreword to the book.
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