Apartheid IS REAL in Apartheid Israel!

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Apartheid IS REAL in Apartheid Israel!
Genocide and annihilation, apartheid, dispossession, deprivation and more
There was a time when powerful nations would periodically provide to the rest of the world a list of countries they would conceitedly designate as ‘rogue states’! Those countries that categorized others as rogue states were almost always seeped in Islamophobia. Hence, those bracketed in the ‘rogue’ category were almost always Muslim countries or those with communist leanings. The real truth is that the very countries who drew up the list were, in fact, the ones who were the main distributors of armaments, indulged in wars, and owed much of their wealth to the military-industrial-complex within their own countries.

Israel successfully escaped being grouped with nations seen to be notoriously dangerous and roguish. Objectively speaking, it should have easily taken them to the top rank on that list. There is, however, increasing notice of Israel’s apartheid-oriented actions by multiple organizations and countries across the worlds, which have raised the pitch for a stop to Israel’s apartheid actions. They specifically condemn “Israel’s racist practices against Palestinians and its treatment of the latter as an inferior racial group”.  In an article titled “From Tantura to the Naqab, Israel’s roll call of shame is being exposed”. In the Middle East Monitor, eminent scholars and academics have written to assert how in 75 years of unscrupulous efforts Israel has sought to conceal the reality about its origins. Israel is in denial of the fact that its attempts to put the racist apartheid regime behind a veil are failing miserably. The world is finally waking up, and Israel is losing ground quicker than it is able to gain new supporters or whitewash its past and ongoing crimes” Every single political dynamic in the racist-colonial occupation exposes Israel’s hollow attempt to deny its designation as an apartheid state. To cover up, Israel seeks to divert attention from facts and, instead, accuse those who name it as the practitioner of apartheid as ‘anti-Semites’.

 Investigations against specific crimes of the regime by respected global human rights networks have been thorough and evidence-packed. Israel can lie and deny the facts but as the criminalities mount, so does the evidence against Israel. These groups have damned Israeli apartheid and exposed false allegations of naming their accusers.

How else does one explain constant reports of Settlers invading Palestinian Olive orchards and destroying one of Palestine’s economic mainstays with the backing of the army? No punishment is meted out; rather there are celebrations at their destruction. Israel’s cruelties are embellished by a disparaging cynicism by that country’s polity and socio-religious structures. Why is it acceptable when “broken dialysis machines and shortages of medicines and suitable treatment threaten the lives of nearly 600 Palestinian kidney patients in the Gaza Strip”.  This is possible only because Israel has chosen to impose a lethal blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Ranjan Solomon

270 Human Rights Organizations Condemn Apartheid Israel
The organizations, which come from 16 Arab countries as well as six European and Latin American states, demanded in a joint statement the trial of Israeli authorities involved in perpetration of genocide, war crimes and racial discrimination against Palestinians. They condemned Israel’s racist practices against Palestinians and its treatment of the latter as an inferior racial group, and called for the launch of a campaign to put an ultimate end to the regime’s apartheid actions.

The human rights organizations also urged punitive measures, including travel bans and asset freezing, against Israeli military officials besides arms embargoes against the Tel Aviv regime. They called upon the International Criminal Court (ICC) to include apartheid crimes in the Occupied Palestinian Territory in its future investigations. The organizations then voiced support for pro-Palestinian groups that document and expose Israel’s atrocities and racism, above all the international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. The BDS movement, which is modeled after the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa, was initiated in 2005 by over 170 Palestinian organizations that were pushing for “various forms of boycott against Israel until it meets its obligations under international law”. Thousands of volunteers worldwide have since then joined the BDS movement, which calls for people and groups across the world to cut economic, cultural, and academic ties to Tel Aviv, to help promote the Palestinian cause.

Last year, more than 600 scholars, artists, and intellectuals from over 45 countries across the world  lambasted the Israeli practices against Palestinians, calling for an immediate end to “Israel’s apartheid regime” in the occupied territories. Back in July 2018, Israel’s parliament (Knesset) adopted a controversial bill that declares the occupying entity as the so-called “nation-state of the Jewish people”.

The law prioritizes “Jewish” values over democratic ones in the occupied territories, declares Jerusalem Al-Quds the “capital” of Israel, allows Jewish-only communities, sets Hebrew as the official language of Israel, and relegates Arabic from an official language to one with “special status”.

Observers blame US-led Western powers for enabling Israel’s violations against Palestinians.

From Tantura to the Naqab, Israel’s roll call of shame is being exposed

A succession of events in recent weeks all point to the inescapable fact that nearly 75 years of Israel’s painstaking efforts to hide the truth about its origins and its racist apartheid regime are failing miserably. The world is finally waking up, and Israel is losing ground quicker than it is able to gain new supporters or whitewash its past and ongoing crimes.

First, there were the revelations about Tantura, a peaceful Palestinian village whose inhabitants were mostly exterminated by Israel’s Alexandroni Brigade on 23 May, 1948. Like many other massacres committed against unarmed Palestinians over the years, the Tantura massacre was mostly remembered by the village’s few survivors, ordinary Palestinians and Palestinian historians. The mere attempt in 1998 by Israeli graduate student Theodore Katz to shed light on that bloody event ignited a legal, media and academic war, forcing him to retract his findings.

In a recent social media post, Professor Ilan Pappé revealed why, in 2007, he had to resign his position at Haifa University. “One of my ‘crimes’,” wrote Pappé, “was insisting that there was a massacre in the village of Tantura in 1948 as was exposed by MA student, Teddy Katz.”

Now, some Alexandroni Brigade veterans have finally confessed to the crimes in Tantura.

“They silenced it. It mustn’t be told, it could cause a whole scandal. I don’t want to talk about it, but it happened.” These were the words of Moshe Diamant, a former member of the Alexandroni Brigade who, with other veterans, revealed in the documentary “Tantura” by Alon Schwarz, the gory details of the horrific crimes that were committed in the Palestinian village. Hundreds of Palestinians were killed in Tantura in cold blood. They were buried in mass graves, the largest of which is believed to be under a car park at the Dor Beach, to which Israeli families flock daily.

The Tantura massacre is arguably the most glaring representation of “hidden” Israeli criminality on the occupation state’s roll call of shame. However, this is not the story of Tantura alone. The massacre in the village is representative of something much bigger, of ethnic cleansing on a huge scale, forceful evictions and mass killings. The truth is now being unearthed and exposed.

An apartheid nation
Israel dismisses charges of ‘apartheid against Palestinians’ as anti-Semitic propaganda and the United States has been an enabler of Israeli racism over the years with its hands-off attitudes toward the inhumanity of Israeli actions on the West Bank and Gaza. But the tragic death of an elderly Palestinian-American on the West Bank last month highlights the worst aspects of Israeli policy. The nature of the death, directly due to Israeli brutality and negligence, amounts to manslaughter. The outrageously tepid response from the Israeli military’s central command tells us everything we need to know about Israel’s unconscionable occupation policy.

When serious human rights violations are committed by one racial group to maintain a system of prolonged oppression of another racial group, as in South Africa from the 1940s to the 1990s, international law refers to this as a crime against humanity or a policy of apartheid. South Africa’s apartheid sparked intense international and domestic opposition to that country. This hasn’t been the case with regard to Israel. Nevertheless, the fifty-years of apartheid in South Africa is echoed by the fifty-year period in Israel, starting with the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza in the wake of the Six-Day War in 1967.

The circumstances of the death of Omar Abdelmajed Assad are dispositive. The man’s village was being patrolled by the Netzah Yehuda battalion, which is manned by Ultra-Orthodox Jews, the most racist element in Israeli society. Placing any members of an Ultra-Orthodox community in a policing role virtually guarantees that crimes will be committed against Palestinians. The Israeli human rights organization, B’Tselem, has fully documented the crimes in the occupied areas and has condemned Israeli military investigations of the killing of Palestinians as whitewashing. The Israeli investigation of this particular incident was far worse than a whitewash; it was unconscionable. The pathetic nature of the punishment of the battalion, which involved letters of reprimand and a temporary removal of command for the leaders of the battalion, is particularly ugly.

Amnesty’s Israeli Apartheid Report & US Lies
Amnesty International’s 2022 report “Israel’s apartheid against Palestinians” that exposes and condemns Israeli apartheid has provoked false allegations of lying and anti-Semitism from the mendacious and genocidally racist Zionists and their US Alliance supporters. In actuality, denial of Israeli apartheid is a lie, and the Zionists and their supporters are manifestly mendacious, racist, and both anti-Arab anti-Semitic and anti-Jewish anti-Semitic by falsely defaming anti-racist Jewish, Arab, Palestinian and Muslim critics of Apartheid Israel.

Israeli apartheid by the numbers. 1.9  million Indigenous Palestinian Israelis  live as Third Class citizens under 65 Nazi-style, race-based laws in a Zionist-proclaimed Jewish State (they were permitted to vote in 1966 but were recently explicitly  denied equal rights by the Israeli parliament). For 55 years the Occupied Palestinians (presently 5.2 million) have lived under violent foreign military rule, excluded from Jews-only zones, denied all the human rights set out in the 30 Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, excluded from voting for the government ruling them, highly abusively confined to the blockaded and bombed Gaza Concentration Camp or West Bank ghettoes, and condemned to bare survival (GDP per capita $3,400 for Occupied Palestinians versus $46,400 for Occupier Israelis). Of 8 million Exiled Palestinians deriving from successive mass expulsions of Indigenous Palestinians (800,000 in 1948, 400,000 in 1967), all are excluded on pain of death from the land continuously inhabited by their forebears to the dawn of the Agrarian Revolution, and 7 million live utterly impoverished lives without basic civil rights in Middle East refugee camps.

Israeli settlers uproot new planted olive tree saplings in West Bank 

Israeli settlers today uprooted around 60 recently planted olive tree saplings in an area west of the northern West Bank city of Salfit, according to the owner of the trees, Fayez Abdul Dayem. He said he just planted these saplings, each between 3 to 5 years old, in his land to replace 250 other olive trees the army has uprooted from his land three months ago. Abdul Dayem also said that the settlers vandalized a room he had built in his land where he would stay while working on the land breaking windows and doors.

The healthcare crisis in Gaza demands immediate alleviation from suffering

Broken dialysis machines and shortages of medicines and suitable treatment threaten the lives of nearly 600 Palestinian kidney patients in the Gaza Strip. Amal is not alone in waiting for a transplant; sitting next to her was Abu Ali, 70, who could barely speak. He too was sitting on a dialysis chair, his hands trembling. The nurse watched the dialysis machine anxiously, fearing that it would malfunction and stop working. An hour passed and it was still running, but everyone’s stress level continued to rise: Abu Ali requires three hours of dialysis a day. His eldest son Ibrahim accompanies him to his sessions at Al-Shifa, sometimes offering food or conversation to try to distract his father. Ibrahim told me about a day when the dialysis machine did break down mid-session, causing them to have to wait for a full day until the machine was serviced and repaired. All the dialysis machines are old, Ibrahim told me, which makes the treatment more painful for the patients, but there is no other option in Gaza.