Asked to reverse anti-BDS stance, Justin Trudeau doubles down

Justin Trudeau reaffirmed his opposition to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, saying he would “continue to condemn” the Palestinian campaign for human rights. The Canadian prime minister said BDS “singles out Israel” and “seeks to delegitimise and in some cases demonise” the country.Trudeau’s comments – which come less than a year before a federal election in Canada – reaffirm his longstanding opposition to BDS, which was launched by almost 200 Palestinian civil society organisations in 2005.
Independent Jewish Voices-Canada, a Jewish advocacy group that supports Palestinian rights, criticised Trudeau for his comments, accusing the prime minister of “using our identities as Jews to go after support for Palestinian human rights”.The group also denounced Trudeau for calling BDS divisive, which it said was “a bit ironic seeing as it aims to push back against, you know, Israel’s system of actual codified apartheid”.