Back stabs, political manipulations and cruelties in Palestine

Palestine Update 459

Back stabs, political manipulations and cruelties in Palestine

That Biden is certain to end his term just all his predecessors did on the Question of Palestine is only getting too obvious. Biden has never really sounded like the man who would bring freedom and justice to the Palestinians. A couple of vague hints were all he offered. Come 2024, things will probably be worse in Palestine. The US may sprinkle aid and  support multilateral agencies with enhanced funds. These are not real solutions.

Israel will snatch more land, build more settlements, imprison more and more Palestinians, demolish more homes,  destroy agricultural livelihoods, build more separation barriers, and double up on just about everything the occupation has been doing.

Meanwhile, there will be some theatre in the form of high visibility summits and visits just for the propaganda. America is simply incapable of resolving the conflict. They have taken sides and cannot pull back. The Zionist lobbies will not permit it. Nor are most other  nations capable of anything tangible. The rest of the world is rendered helpless and will opt for opportunistic alliances and deals with the West rather than dabble with Palestinian rights. Post the Cold War, and with the Non-Aligned Movement made redundant, it is hard to construct optimism. In the end the votes in the United Nations don’t  anymore add up to much in terms of a solution.

Meanwhile, Israel will develop its hideous military capacities, spark trouble in the region, export spyware to dictators in the region and fascists outside, and seek control over the entire Middle East and interfere wherever there are complicit fascist rulers. It may just come to boiling point one day on the Arab Street, when the people find their dignity and all else snatched away under the pretext of diplomacy. We shall have to wait till then. And it may just be that the resistance will find creative militancy, although not necessarily violent. Civil disobedience in freedom struggles have often been non violent, though militant . History shows how persistence  in resisting colonialism  can make their countries  ungovernable for the occupier and colonialist.

If – and that is a big if -, the ICC succeeds in leaving Israel legally and politically wounded, deprived of legitimacy, and finding some of its Generals (including Gantz) in prison, would be a different story  But that’s living in extreme optimism for now. The ICC being left to do what it is mandated to would be the ideal political state of affairs. 

Both Palestine and Israel are these days gripped by democratic stage shows. Israel has completed a fourth election in two years and may soon go into a fifth. As usual, the situation has gone awry. No clear winner. 

Meanwhile Palestine is also all set to get into an election. And most serious analysts don’t see the legislative and presidential elections Palestinian having serious rationale. For sure the announcement has nothing to do with domestic local, people-driven reasons popular demand and public pressure. Nor does the current set of rulers seek to restructure the political system or bring in new patterns of governance, or political rejuvenation. A dysfunctional system cannot create, renew, or alter organizational structures like the ones of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

The decision emanates from international factors. The political class wants to prove the point that they are now ready for negotiations and they have factors that resemble a reasonable degree of political plurality. When local decisions are taken to gratify external factors, it has the serious danger of the integrity of compromising Palestinian autonomy and their choice of achieving freedom, and autonomy. In short, elections are not an antidote for Israel’s colonialist-racist occupation. In point of fact, the kind of conditions that will be enforced could result in a worse-than-status quo situation.

With people’s minds fixated on the elections- the failed Israeli one and the potentially harmful Palestinian election – Israel is free to enact deranged practices such as taking in bizarre numbers of child prisoners. At last count that was 230 Palestinian minors since Jan 230 Palestinian minors since January alone. Others are seeking to get Palestinian refugees from Lebanon  abandon their right to return in return for compensation. The elections and their outcomes will conceal a whole lot of occupation crimes.

In solidarity

Ranjan Solomon

Biden has no plans to resolve Israeli-Palestine conflict
“It’s the ultimate prize in diplomacy, and almost every modern president has sought it despite the long, treacherous odds: a resolution to the decades-old Israeli-Palestinian crisis. Joe Biden, though, isn’t all that interested…some warn that by de-prioritizing the issue or moving too slowly, Biden could be putting a two-state solution out of reach, especially if Israel keeps expanding its settlements in territory claimed by the Palestinians.”

On trip to Israel, Slovenian PM Met with notorious spyware firm
“During a state visit to Israel in December, Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša met for several hours with five Israeli companies, including a controversial spyware firm with a history of hacking phones of human rights activists and journalists, Slovenian investigative outlet Oštro revealed. Among the companies Janša spoke to a day before he met with his counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu was the NSO Group – a firm specialized in surveillance software and founded by graduates of the Israeli army’s elite cyber intelligence squad known as Unit 8200 (also known in Hebrew as Shmona-Matayim).”

Israel looks to delay ICC probes into its crimes
“Israeli officials are carrying out contacts with senior officials at the International Criminal Court (ICC) seeking to persuade them to put off starting investigations into Israeli war crimes in Gaza, West Bank, and Jerusalem. Israeli army says that the occupation state is seeking the postponement until the start of new ICC prosecutor Karim Khan’s term. Israeli Khan may just review the matter differently to outgoing prosecutor Fatou Bensouda.”

Hamas: ‘No elections without Jerusalem’
“Hamas on Monday stressed it would not accept holding Palestinian parliamentary election without the participation of Palestinians in Jerusalem. In a statement, member of the movement’s political bureau Ezzat Al-Reshq said: ‘We insist that the Palestinian people in Jerusalem have the right to participate in the coming elections, as candidates and as voters, exactly as in 2006.’ Al-Reshq added: ‘This is the unwavering position of Hamas towards the elections, which shall not be held without Jerusalem. If the Israeli occupation attempts to prevent Palestinians in Jerusalem from participating in the elections, the Palestinian people will launch a national battle against the Israeli occupation.’

Israel’s 24th Knesset sworn in under cloud of coalition crisis

The swearing-in ceremony of the 24th Knesset in Jerusalem, April 6, 2021. Photo by Alex Kolomoisky/POOL.“Israel’s 24th Knesset was sworn in on Tuesday with less than the customary fanfare, due to coronavirus restrictions on the number of attendees, and the political crisis that is threatening to lead to a fifth round of elections. Most of the 120 Knesset members, both veterans and newcomers—sporting the traditional flower pinned to their lapels—confirmed their oaths of office from their plenum seats: ‘I pledge myself to bear allegiance to the State of Israel and faithfully to discharge my mandate in the Knesset.’ The MKs from the Joint Arab List altered the words of the oath, each standing when his or her name was called to state: “I pledge to fight the [Israeli] occupation, racism and apartheid.’ Knesset Speaker Yariv Levin disqualified their vows, which—if not altered in a subsequent private swearing-in session—will lead to their being denied some of their rights as members of the legislative body.”

Warnings of serious attempts to push Palestine refugees to leave Lebanon
“Palestinian factions yesterday warned of plans being drawn up behind closed doors aimed at pushing Palestine refugees out of Lebanon. Many lawyers are known to systematically encouraging desperate refugees to accept compensation and agree to move abroad in search of a better life. These activities are in fact attempts to push them to concede their right of return and to leave the refugee camps which have been a symbol of Palestinian resilience.”

Israeli forces detain 230 Palestinian minors since Jan: Rights group
Israeli military forces continue to target young Palestinians and violently arrest them across the occupied territories, having detained 230 minors since the beginning of the current year. The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) said in a report on Sunday that the arrests were mostly in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

The rights group further noted that the detainees are often released on bail or placed under house arrest, without announcing the number of those who were freed. “The imprisoned children are subjected to various forms of abuse, including being denied food or drink for long hours, verbal abuse, and being detained under harsh conditions,” it said. The report came just a day before Palestinian Children’s Day, which is marked annually on April 5 with cultural, educational, and media activities aimed at raising awareness on the plight of Palestinian children. Marking Palestine Children’s Day, the Palestine Prisoners’ Club revealed that there are 140 Palestinian children languishing in Israel jails, including two under administrative detention. Separately, the Defense for Children International – Palestine (DCIP) said in a statement that 85 percent of Palestinian children arrested last year were “subjected to physical violence.”