Balfour Apology Campaign: An impossible goal?

The Balfour Apology Campaign, launched by the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) risks failing to have an impact on the UK government. The campaign represents the demand that Britain apologise for its role in the creation of Israel.

November 2017 will mark the centenary of then Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour’s announcement of British support for the Zionist project in mandate Palestine. But acknowledgment of the perfidious nature of Britain’s role seems as distant as ever. In 1917 Balfour promised that the colonial power, Britain, would “view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a National Home for the Jewish people”. In 2016, the Foreign Office stated that “The Balfour Declaration was a historic statement and one that the UK Government will not be apologising for”. The Apology Campaign, which was launched by the PRC in 2013, states that “We believe that the British government’s recognition of its destructive colonial past is a necessary step towards achieving peace, justice and reconciliation. We know that a majority of the British people supports us in this mission, as they have demonstrated in the last few years.