Barghouti: ‘We have no need for a mediator between us as Palestinians and our oppressor’

Indonesian protesters are silhouetted behind a Palestine flag during a rally in front of the U.S. embassy in Jakarta August 6, 2006 against Israel's attacks on Palestine and Lebanon. Protesters from a wide ideological and religious spectrum demonstrated in cities across Indonesia on Sunday against Israeli actions in Lebanon, but a key rally in Jakarta drew far fewer participants than forecast. REUTERS/Dadang Tri (INDONESIA)
It is totally unacceptable that some international officials continue saying that the situation in Palestine is but a dispute or a conflict between two parties whose responsibilities are equal and that some of them repeat Trump’s sin in considering that the Palestinians’ rights in freedom and independence is conditional to Israel’s acceptance. The Palestinian people’s cause has made big strides through 151 countries refusing Trump’s decision and the European Union’s firm stand against it and the Palestinian, Arab and international great popular reaction, although some governments’ official stands were unable to keep up with.
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