BDS in Latin America Urges Mexico’s CEMEX to Break Israeli Ties

Social organizations and human rights defenders across Latin America have signed an open letter denouncing CEMEX, a Mexican-based multinational building firm, for aiding and abetting Israel in its “racial segregation,” occupation and colonization of the Palestinian people, in the first BDS campaign in Latin America.
The letter, written by the Palestine-Mexico Solidarity Coordinator and titled, “Open Letter to CEMEX: Stop Building Occupation and Colonization in Palestine!” also calls on the company to “break its ties with Israel’s illegal policies against the Palestinian people.”
Founded in 1906, CEMEX specializes in the production of cement and ready-mix concrete and aggregates. Israel is one of the 50 countries it supplies with vital building material. However, the zionist state is known to use these materials to continue building illegal colonies, annexing Palestinian territories, segregating families, and stealing their natural resources.
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