This report documents how the global travel companies Airbnb and are listing and facilitating the rental of dozens of properties in settlements in the occupied West Bank. Settlements of civilians in occupied territory are unlawful under international humanitarian law regardless of the status of the land on which they are built. The presence of the settlement properties triggers serious human rights abuses against Palestinians, including blocking their access to nearby privately-owned plots of land, restricting their freedom of movement and, because of those travel restrictions, limiting their right to access education and health services and protections for keeping families intact. To make matters worse, some of the properties listed are constructed on land that is acknowledged by the Israeli authorities to be privately owned by Palestinians who are not permitted to access it. Upon learning that Airbnb was listing a property on his land for rent, Shaaeb told Human Rights Watch, “For someone to occupy your land, that’s illegal. For someone to build on your land, to rent it out, and profit from it – that is injustice itself.”
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