Brutal occupation makes mental health in Palestine among world’s worst

Political and social conditions endured by Palestinians under Israeli military occupation have left a scar on the psychological wellbeing of civilians, with Palestine suffering the highest rate of mental health disorders in the Middle East. Despite significant improvements over the past two decades in life expectancy, child mortality rates and health status, there has been a marked increase in mental health disorders in the MENA region. Conflict, violence and political instability lead to high levels of psychological distress, with a clearly established link between trauma and deteriorating mental health.
Nearly every country in the region has a higher rate of mental disorders compared with the global average, according to a new study entitled The Burden of Mental Disorders in the Eastern Mediterranean Region 1990-2013. In Palestine, chronic exposure to trauma and violence over a 50-year period has led to a crisis in mental health.Palestine leads the MENA region in depression and anxiety disorders, with some estimates suggesting that more than forty percent of Palestinians suffer clinical depression, making it the highest rate in the world. The prevalence of young people, genetic homogeneity and the environmental stressors of conflict over multiple generations are all contributing factors.
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