Cutting Palestinian aid budget US new crime: Aide

Hossein Amir Abdollahian, said cutting UNRWA funding by the US demonstrates President Donald Trump’s new crime against the oppressed Palestinian people, strongly condemning the clear violation of the rights of the Palestinians. Amir Abdollahian warned against the US support for the Zionist regime saying the Zionist atrocities will have bad consequences for the human situation and the livelihood of 5,000,000 displaced Palestinian people. ‘The United States should accept the consequences of its inhumane actions which are against human rights,’ he said.
Washington announced on Friday it will cut more than half of its funding to the UNRWA. The US State Department said in 2018 it will only deliver 60 million dollars out of 125 million dollars aid to the UN relief agency, suspending 65 million dollars.
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