Cycle away from Israel’s occupation and apartheid

Join the campaign to relocate one of cycling major races –
The Giro d’Italia, one of cycling’s major races, will start from Israel in May 2018, with three stages (Jerusalem, Haifa-Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva-Eilat) and plans to “celebrate” Israel’s 70th anniversary. The Giro is televised in 194 countries with an estimated 800 million viewers. We need to put pressure on the race organizers to move the race from Israel. Giro d’Italia is now being used as the World cycling event to peddle Israeli propaganda.

Ask organizers of the famed Italian cycling race asking to #RelocateTheRace from Israel. Join in telling organizers RCS to #RelocateTheRace and cycle away from Israel’s occupation and apartheid. The famed Italian cycling race will serve Israel’s propaganda efforts to cover-up its oppressive policies against Palestinians. Sign on:

At the link is an e-action that sends a message to race organizers: