Decolonize This Place: New York Artists announce solidarity with prisoners

In solidarity with over 1,600 Palestinian prisoners on Day 24 of a historic hunger strike in Israel’s jails, a group of artists and organizers in New York by the name of “Decolonize This Place.” (

The Illuminator conducted a series of projections around the city to lend visibility to the prisoners struggle. Targets seemed to map Zionist sites of power and influence. They included Leumi Bank and IDB, two Israeli banks in Manhattan which finance colonial settlements activity in the West Bank, Artis which participated in Brand Israel and circumvents BDS by not accepting Israeli governmental funding, and ended projections at City Hall, where they sought to call out politicians who support Israel and have remained silent about the hunger strike.

This action is part of a campaign that was launched on Day 8 of the hunger strike under the title ‘Visibility Sustains the Struggle.’ Contributions were encouraged from around the world to be posted daily on
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