Don’t do injustice to Gaza

A Palestinian man sells falafel in a makeshift shop lit with a lamp powered by a battery during a power cut in Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip January 11, 2017. Picture taken January 11, 2017. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem - RTX2YNDX
More than three years ago, Gaza lived through an indescribable inferno due to criminal Israeli aggression, which resulted in the martyrdom of 2,250 people, including 590 children.
Gaza and its people stood fast, despite the sacrifices, the severity of pains and the displacement of more than 450,000 people who lost their homes and properties.
I had the honour of living for long days and nights during this wicked aggression and witnessed the human greatness represented in the solidarity among Palestinians men and women, their insistence on survival and overcoming the obstacles that are difficult for humans to endure.
Three years later, while a third of the displaced lost their homes with unfulfilled promises of reconstruction, the Gaza Strip lives a profound human tragedy. For after a stifling and a criminal siege imposed by Israel 11 years ago, after more than ten years have passed in division and after the escalation of Palestinian infighting, Gaza lives without potable water, as 97% has become polluted and salty, without electricity for 21 hours a day, and with open sewers spreading serious epidemics and flowing into the sea without treatment.