Egypt submits new reconciliation draft omits ‘lifting sanctions’

The deputy head of the Political Department in Hamas, Essam Al-Dalis, said that Egypt submitted a new draft to Hamas on its vision of reconciliation which is different from the one previously approved by the movement. He added that the new paper does not contain the item of “lifting the sanctions imposed by the Authority in Ramallah on the Gaza Strip.”
In an exclusive interview with Felestin newspaper on Sunday, Al-Dalis said that: “A month ago, the Egyptians submitted to the delegation of the Hamas leadership a paper on their vision of reconciliation which was accepted by the movement in line with the Egyptian efforts. The Egyptians presented the paper to Fatah, which they clearly rejected, as they always did to hinder any efforts for reconciliation.”
He added: “We were waiting for the Egyptian brothers’ response to that. We were surprised that during Hamas’s recent visit to Cairo, the Egyptians submitted to the delegation of the movement a new and different paper from that they previously submitted and that was approved by the movement.”