EU Says Israeli Legislation Jeopardizes Residency Status of Jerusalem’s Palestinians

The Spokesperson of the European Union condemned on Friday the newly enacted Israeli legislation permitting the revocation of permanent residency status of the Palestinian citizens of occupied Jerusalem. “The new law could make the residency status of Palestinians in East Jerusalem, a protected population under International Humanitarian Law, even more precarious than it already is today.”
“The new law could be used to further compromise the Palestinian presence in East Jerusalem, which would further undermine the prospects of a two-state solution.” The statement by EU added that in line with international law “the European Union does not recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the territories occupied by Israel since June 1967, including East Jerusalem, and does not consider them to be part of Israel’s territory, irrespective of their legal status under domestic Israeli law.”The EU said it will closely monitor if and how this new law is applied to Palestinians in East Jerusalem.
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