Former soldiers to Israeli gov’t: Investigate us for occupation abuses

Dozens of Israelis demonstrated outside Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked’s home in north Tel Aviv Sunday night, after she called to investigate the spokesperson of anti-occupation group Breaking the Silence. Breaking the Silence Spokesperson Dean Issacharof was summoned for interrogation last week by Israeli police at the behest of Shaked, over a testimony he gave to the organization in which he admitted to beating a Palestinian man during his service.

In response, over 30 members of the anti-occupation group Combatants for Peace — made up of mostly former Israeli soldiers and Palestinian combatants — protested outside Shaked’s home wearing handcuffs and signs that read “investigate me.” The police prevented them from demonstrating right outside the justice minister’s home, moving them instead to an adjacent street. A few passersby reportedly cursed the demonstrators, while one of Shaked’s neighbors dumped water on them.
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