From London to London to Jerusalem: A walk in solidarity with the Palestinians

Justin Butcher, a playwright and creative director, says that he always thinks about his encounter in the small town of al-Khadr, near Bethlehem with a family who narrated to him their reality as occupied Palestinians brutalized by a ruthless occupation.  Justin Butcher left challenged by their farewell message: “We’re stuck here,” they told him, “but when you leave, don’t forget us. Tell people our story.”  It galvanised him to work on launching the initiative Just Walk to Jerusalem leading up to the 100th anniversary of the Balfour declaration. The 2,000-mile journey from London to Jerusalem is a show of solidarity with the Palestinians and it highlights the role Britain has played in the ongoing injustice they have suffered.
The five-month-journey started on Saturday from southern England. It will go through France, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Jordan, where they will follow an ancient pilgrimage route to Jerusalem, entering on 2 November, 100 years on from Balfour’s Declaration. Butcher explains. “It’s sort of a reverse refugee path, and at the same time, represents the right of return deprived to so many Palestinians.”
The walk is organized by  Amos Trust,  a small human rights organisation based in London who argue that ‘It’s time to tell people the honest truth, a hundred years is far too long for an injustice to continue, and most people aren’t even aware of our role in history.'(Garth Hewitt, Founder of Amos Trust).
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