From the Gazan table: Palestinian cuisine

Food writing can be intensely political, and perhaps it’s even more so when it is a book with recipes for Palestinian dishes. London-based writer Yasmin Khan never leaves behind her years of experience as a human rights worker as she compiles “recipes and stories from the Palestinian kitchen”. The very scope of such a book is intensely political. “But what is the Palestinian kitchen?” But the national and cultural identity of the people has never waned and neither have the delights of the cuisine.”
4.5 million Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem), 4 million Palestinians in exile in neighbouring Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, 1.5 million in Israel, and another 1.5 million elsewhere.
Upon landing in Tel Aviv, she is hauled off for intense questioning by Israeli immigration. At one point, she pleads to the official, “I’m just here doing research for a cookbook.” He replies: “Do you know anyone in Hamas?”
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