Galloway says Palestinians will rise up and Jerusalem will be uncontrollable in argument over Armageddon

George Galloway got into a heated argument about the Middle East, and the end of days, with Ken, who has had several previous ding-dongs with the talkRADIO presenter.

Ken said “Jesus is going to return to defend Israel against all her enemies and destroy them all.” But this angered Galloway, who disagreed and argued back, saying: “You’re stark raving mad. I’m not mocking god, I’m mocking you, you sitting up there in Newcastle nursing your own old testament wrath. “You’re a complete madman, you spend all day and all night like a praying mantis hoping to get on the radio so you can spread your hate, your vile poison.”

He added that “blood is running through the cobbled streets of Israel” and eventually the Palestinians are going to “rise up and the situation in Jerusalem is going to be uncontrollable and that’s a very big worry. “If you’d rather armageddon stayed away for a bit. If you’d rather the end of times was delayed until our own children could see out the rest of their lives, well you’d ask the world authorities to do something to intervene.”
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