Gaza’s dismal tourist sector sees hope in reconciliation

Members of the national consensus government arrived in the Gaza Strip Oct. 2 as part of the reconciliation agreement reached in Cairo, making it the first such visit of a national consensus government delegation to Gaza since 2013. The reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah has left many with hopes that Gaza’s tourism sector will be revived. The reconciliation will hopefully replenish the economy, which suffered estimated losses of $160 million during the years of the rift due to weak tourism.

Ali Abu Srour, the deputy minister of tourism and antiquities in the consensus government, told Al-Watan Voice Oct. 31 that his ministry will promote domestic tourism in both Gaza and the West Bank. “We held several meetings in Gaza and met with the Palestinian Society of [Tourist and] Travel Agents and the Palestinian Committee for Restaurants, Hotels and Touristic Services in Gaza,” he said. “We will work based on a common strategy in all Palestinian territories.
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