Hamas flattens an ancient treasure in Gaza

A Bronze Age settlement has been bulldozed to may way for construction projects
Palestinian and French archaeologists began excavating Gaza’s earliest archaeological site nearly 20 years ago. They unearthed what they believe is a rare 4,500-year-old Bronze Age settlement.
But since seizing power in Gaza a decade ago, Hamas rulers have systematically destroyed the work, allowing the flattening of this hill on the southern tip of Gaza City to make way for construction projects and later for military bases. In its newest project, bulldozers are flattening the last remnants of excavation , with Hamas and against mounting protests.
Tel Es-Sakan ( which means “hill of ash”) was the largest Canaanite city between Palestine and Egypt, according to Mouin Sadeq, who led three excavations at the site after its accidental discovery in 1998.
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