Hamas praised for agreeing to dissolve Gaza government

Ten years after it seized power in Gaza, Hamas has agreed to hold general elections in the flashpoint territory – an attempt to make peace with its rival moment Fatah. Hamas said it has dissolved its administration to facilitate the creation of a “unity government” led by Fatah President Mahmoud Abbas. The move comes just four months after Hamas leaders presented a new political programme which softened its stance on Israel, stating that it no longer sought war with the entire Jewish people, while accepting a Palestine based on the 1967 borders. Hamas’s latest gesture has been praised by the League of Arab States, which says Hamas has furthered the interests of Palestine, according to Daily News Egypt. The UN delegate to the Middle East, Nikolai Miladinov, also said this decision was a step in the right decision and called on all sides to seize the opportunity it creates, according to Daily News Egypt. Abbas himself was full of praise, stressing that the reconciliation government must now be allowed to get to work.
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