Health and dignity are not gifts to be earned; they are basic rights

Unless the international community takes urgent and decisive action to uphold international law, Palestinians will be forced to endure another 50 years of occupation, Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) has  warned. MAP CEO, said: “The occupation is a major driver of the desperate humanitarian needs MAP is addressing in the West Bank and Gaza. The marking of half a century of occupation today demonstrates the devastating failure of the international community to take decisive action to uphold Palestinians’ rights to health and dignity. We hope for a future where MAP’s work is no longer necessary. Until there is international action to bring the occupation to an end, however, these needs will only increase.”

 Israel’s expanding physical and bureaucratic barriers to Palestinians’ free movement – including a stifling permit regime and a network of walls and checkpoints – prevent many patients from accessing vital care and endanger lives.

“Serious violations of international humanitarian and human rights law in the West Bank and Gaza have been widespread and continue with near-total impunity. This not only endangers the wellbeing of Palestinians and entrenches injustice, it perpetuates a consequence-free occupation…It is not enough for governments to pay lip-service to human rights. Without effective accountability, further attacks on Palestinian civilians, health facilities and personnel are likely and the occupation will devastate many more lives.”
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