Heaping abuse from all angles

Palestine Update 334

Heaping abuse from all angles
As if Kushner’s absurd ‘deal of the century’ was not enough by way of humiliation for Palestinians, we are aware of how Israel has adopted multiple hostile dealings to restrict civil society space in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. What is sad that civil society’s practices of justice-based dissent, is discredited by Israel through its lobbies and the western media. The goal is to cripple claims for rights by deceitful smear campaigns to delegitimize claims for justice and to get donors to defund Palestinian NGOs.

We also receive reports of how German multinationals go unpunished in Germany when they adopt hostile practices in Palestinian areas. An investigative report exposes how a German multinational is complicit in the pillaging of natural resources with serious human rights violations against Palestinians. The German Parliament which is swift to condemn and delegitimize the BDS Movement in duplicity is silent to their crimes.

In addition to the above two articles, we also share two on the ‘Deal of the century’ which has been a focus of our last few issues of Palestine Updates.

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Ranjan Solomon

Criminalizing Palestinian Resistance: EU’s New Conditions on Aid to Palestine

Image result for Criminalizing Palestinian Resistance:  EU’s New Conditions on Aid to Palestine"Israel has adopted a wide range of aggressive measures to restrict civil society space in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including arbitrary detentions and arrests of civil society activists, ‘security’ justifications to hinder the work of local organizations, waging smear campaigns to delegitimize these organizations’ work, and pressuring international organizations and donors to defund Palestinian NGOs. This is particularly evident with regard to legal organizations that use international law to report human rights violations such as Al-Haq and Addameer, and development organizations that implement projects in Area C to support the steadfastness of local communities suffering from the Israeli military and settlers such as the Bisan Center for Research and Development, whose director, Ubai Aboudi, was recently arrested by Israel and is being held without charge in administrative detention. Some influential right-wing organizations in Israel, such as NGO Monitor, which attacks Palestinian nonprofits and their international partners with false claims of, for instance, ‘terrorism’ and ‘anti-Semitism’ and which has the support of the Israeli government, have also been lobbying and mobilizing against funding even the most moderate currents within Palestinian civil society. Problematically, the EU definition of ‘terrorism’ echoes the Israeli perspective and therefore largely serves these interests to suppress Palestinian critical voices.
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German cement giant involved in serious violations in Palestine
Image result for German cement giant involved in serious violations in Palestine"The German multinational HeidelbergCement is complicit in the pillaging of natural resources from the Nahal Raba quarry in the occupied West Bank, with serious human rights violations against Palestinians, a new report by SOMO and Al-Haq shows…Palestinian communities are being affected by land grabbing, stealing of natural resources, and dust pollution as a result of HeidelbergCement’s activities. The company is breaching international law in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian Territory, while avoiding responsibility for the violations it has been involved in. For more than 13 years, the Nahal Raba quarry, located in Salfit on the West Bank, has denied Palestinian communities access to their lands and sources of livelihoods. Moreover, Hanson Israel, the subsidiary of HeidelbergCement operating the quarry, sold products from the quarry to illegal Israeli settlements. The German multinational also pays royalties to the Israeli Civil Administration, the body administering the occupied Palestinian territory. HeidelbergCement’s presence in the area is a clear example of multinational corporations’ involvement in Israel’s prolonged occupation, systemic human rights abuses and the denial of citizen’s fundamental right to self-determination and sovereignty over natural resources.

Kushner shamefully heaps scorn on Palestinians
Arrogance and complacency is the core of Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner’s plan for the final extinguishment of Palestine. It is a continuation of the 1947 UN Partition Plan that was rejected by the non-Jewish citizens of Palestine living under British Mandate rule. That plan allotted a majority of the land, including the arable land, to the minority of the population that was recently arrived Jewish settlers.

Starting in late 1947 and in the ensuing 1948 war, a majority of Palestinians were made refugees outside of the new State of Israel, in large measure forced from homes and villages in operations conducted by Zionist forces, as the state of Israel expanded beyond the 1947 UN partition proposal. In the June 1967 war, Israel occupied the remainder of Palestine. The new Trump/Kushner January 28 proposal expands Israel sovereignty into the West Bank and the entire Jordan River valley, a portion of Syria, and the city of Jerusalem that was to be an international city under the 1947 plan.

Sign Up for Trump’s Peace Plan, Sign Away Israel’s Special Status in America
Image result for Sign Up for Trump's Peace Plan, Sign Away Israel's Special Status in America"“In the short-term, the Trump vision allows Israel to avoid painful compromises on difficult issues like settlement withdrawals or giving the Palestinians a true capital in East Jerusalem. But in the longer run – by denying Palestinians a genuinely sovereign state and subjecting them to eternal Israeli rule, it threatens Israel’s very future as a democracy. And that, in turn, will make it increasingly difficult for many Americans – especially Democrats – to support it as strongly as in the past.

Consider also that 78 percent of American Democrats favor Israel’s democracy more than its Jewishness and support Arab and Jewish equality – even if that means Israel would no longer be a politically Jewish state, while only 12 percent favor Israel’s Jewishness even if that means Palestinians will not have citizenship and full rights. (Even for Republicans, 48 percent favor Israel’s democracy and 42 percent it’s Jewishness).

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