How Israel is ‘cleansing’ Palestinians from Greater Jewish Jerusalem

A local resident looks at the remains of the house of Palestinian assailant Nemr al-Jamal after it was destroyed by Israeli troops in the West Bank village of Beit Surik near Jerusalem November 15, 2017. Israel regularly carries out such demolitions, which it says act as a deterrent, but human rights groups and Palestinians say they punish families for the actions of relatives. / AFP PHOTO / ABBAS MOMANI
Israel is putting in place the final pieces of a Greater Jewish Jerusalem that will require “ethnically cleansing” tens of thousands of Palestinians from a city their families have lived and worked in for generations, human rights groups have warned.
Israel is preparing to cement these changes in law, they note. Two parliamentary bills with widespread backing among government ministers indicate the contours of Jerusalem’s future. One bill intends to annex to Jerusalem some 150,000 Jews in illegal West Bank settlements surrounding the city. As well as bolstering the city’s Jewish population, the move will give these additional settlers a vote in Jerusalem’s municipal elections, pushing it politically even further to the right.