‘I am afraid of losing my child’

‘It seems that the siege will kill our children'(Samir al-Zain, father)
Ashraf al-Qedra, a spokesperson for the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, told Middle East Eye “that the ministry in Ramallah did not respond to the requests for therapeutic transfers, and did not get permission to travel, which led to the deaths of the four children”.
He said that the number of transfers had dwindled. “The Palestinian Authority responded by rejecting 1,622 medical treatment transfers for Gaza patients, and other transfers were not answered, either by approval or refusal.
“We hope that the new measures against the Gaza Strip and the tightening of the siege will not cause more losses of patients’ lives in the coming hours and days.”
The Palestinian Authority said in June that it had not altered its policy for Gaza, Haaretz reported, and that there had been no change in the number of financial grants.
Israel has blockaded Gaza since Hamas took control in 2006. It says that the request to tighten the blockade and cut power came from the PA, which Israel says is the official and legitimate government of all Palestinians.
In May, the Gaza Association of Human Rights Organisations condemned the PA and Israel and demanded that they abide by their obligations to civilians in the territory, including the most basic rights. It also called on Hamas and Fatah leaders to end the division.
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