India-Israel Relations: Not Sky, Principles Should Be The Limit

Modi’s policy is one of the easiest diplomatic practice; you scratch my back, I will scratch yours. What his predecessors exercised was the hardest, receiving strategic support even in the context of censuring the other on its violations against Palestinians.

With Modi’s visit, many in India and Israel believe that strategic partnership will be the beginning of India’s blind support to Israeli actions against Palestine, especially in multilateral arena. While the pro-Israel lobby in India wishes this to happen, the anti-Israeli factions hope it doesn’t. These hopes and worries were primarily the upshot of India’s abstention on UNESCO vote against Israel in May 2017. Foreign policy scholars hailed the vote as a significant shift in New Delhi’s policy towards Israel. However, giving Tel Aviv a blank cheque on Palestine issue at the multilateral forum is not only unrealistic but will certainly affect India’s international image as well.
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