Ismael Haniyyah: Lift the siege on Gaza immediately and unconditionally #Occupation

A Relative of 19-year-old Palestinian Anas Abu Aser, who died a week after being shot by Israeli soldiers during protests on the Gaza-Israel border, cries during his funeral in Gaza City on May 3, 2018. The death of Anas Abu Aser brings the toll of Palestinians killed by Israeli fire since protests and clashes along the Gaza border began on March 30 to 49, with hundreds of others wounded from gunfire. / AFP PHOTO / MOHAMMED ABED
The head of Hamas’s political bureau writes about life in the besieged Strip and the Great March of ReturnNo cause, at the global level, is clearer and fairer than the cause of Palestine. This is a people whose land was occupied more than seven decades ago and who were subjected to a methodological process of ethnic cleansing as has been documented by many international reports and even by studies conducted by Israeli historians.
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