Israel eroding its right to exist

Palestine Update  97

Israel eroding its right to exist

2018 will soon dawn on us. Civilization has long past come  upon the world. With one exception, perhaps! Israel stands alone in that corner unleashing the most hideous forms of barbarity and feigning victimhood at the end of each such repulsive act it commits. With each passing day, Israel’s democratically elected leaders make barbaric statements about getting Palestinians to disappear. Short of using the expression, “ethnic cleansing” , they have   said it in different ways. They have been a trifle  subtle. but not subtle enough . It’s like they are taunting the world to dare to punish them. It has Europe in the grip of guilt (somewhat exaggerated so many decades after the holocaust) and the US political class eating out of Zionist largesse.

The killing of 21-year-old Ibrahim Abu Thurayya, a wheelchair- bound double amputee while peacefully protesting Trump’s imprudent recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is repugnant. Ibrahim was not engaged in any kind of violence. Israeli soldiers were being the usual war criminals. Despite the international uproar, Israel is unashamed and won’t act to correct its soldiers and their atrocious crudities.

For as long as Israel persists with raw violence, they will never have the right to demand security. Security is what Palestinians lack. Israel is safe under their vicious army and political decisions makers. Together they have committed enough crimes for the world to start acting as if Israel has no right to exist. Certainly not in the community of civilized nations!

The USA has lost its moral authority and should be discarded and distrusted as peacemaker. A war mongering nation controlled, as it is by a gluttonous military-industrial-complex, will never choose peace. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is fodder for other wars in the region and there are sucker countries that fall into the US trap.

For as long as the Israel-USA strategic alliance is on, they stand the risk of isolation. Innocent Americans are shunned by those who work for justice knowing that behind virtually every kind of conflict there is an American hand.

The boycott must extend to the USA – although it may sound like a pipe dream right now. But all empires have fallen and this too will collapse with a thud sooner or later. With that will fall Israel like did Humpty Dumpty. And all the King’s horses and all the King’s men will never bring Israel back to life – unless they see political sense and act justly sooner or later.

Ranjan Solomon  

Song from Gaza for Ibrahim Abu Thurayya, 21: Killed in Pieces but not in spirit
By Haider Eid

 GAZA: In 2009, 21-year-old Ibrahim Abu Thurayya, together with some other youngsters, was targeted by an Israeli F16. He lost both legs. On December.15.2017 he was killed by an Israeli sniper on the eastern borders of Gaza while carrying a Palestinian flag and peacefully protesting against American president’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Ibrahim was a wheelchair- bound double amputee!

What is the message that apartheid Israel wanted to send to us, Palestinian, by brutally killing Ibrahim in broad daylight? ‘There are no red lines! We, the Chosen People, can kill the most vulnerable amongst you regardless of international law and international humanitarian law. You have to accept your status as “two-legged” beasts, “cockroaches” that we must crush, the goyim whose only role is to serve us! We have the US, Arab janissaries and a complicit EU on our side. UN and its SC? They are useless: how many of their resolutions have been implemented? NONE! Jerusalem is ours; in fact, all of Palestine is Eretz Israel

Ibrahim’s crime? He was a Palestinian at the beginning of the 21st C and living in the most densely populated area on Earth, Gaza. He was not born to a Jewish mother. Being an Arabic speaking Palestinian who does not understand the English of BBC and CNN, or the Hebrew of Israeli TV Channels, Ibrahim was never able to comprehend the Israeli logic behind the attack that had cost him both legs in 2009. Benjamin Netanyaho and Avgdor Liberman do not have to face his family and explain to them as to why they, “men of peace,” had to kill their disabled son. He, together with other Palestinian young men, is to blame for “forcing” the Israeli “boys” to shoot them. They should not have existed in the first place.

“Jerusalem is ours” was one of the last uttered sentences by Ibrahim, as seen on camera; he had never been to Jerusalem, and now he has flown away, with a flock of birds, before reaching the city.

But tens of thousands of Palestinian men responded to Ibrahim; they attended his funeral chanting his name, “Ibrahim, The Martyr of Jerusalem!”

And all I could do is write a poem and sing it in his memory! Listen in. Here is the link

We have a martyr,
His blood runs in my veins,
Whether from Khuzaa or Shejaeyya,
His songs are sung by me,
My martyr is Habibi,
Shahidi, Habibi


Peace might have a real chance without Israelis biblical claims
– Israel simply has no right to exist –

Peace might have a real chance without Israelis’ biblical claims. … Israel simply has no right to exist … this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the Euphrates,” it is doubtful that he intended it to be used as an excuse to take by force and chicanery a land lawfully inhabited and owned by others.

Far from being a force for liberation and safety after decades of suffering, the idea that Israel is some kind of religious birthright has only imprisoned Jews in a never-ending cycle of conflict. The “promise” breeds an arrogance which institutionalizes the inferiority of other peoples and generates atrocities against them with alarming regularity. It allows soldiers to defy their consciences and blast unarmed schoolchildren. It gives rise to legislation seeking to prevent the acquisition of territory by non-Jews.

More crucially, the promise limits Israel’s capacity to seek models of coexistence based on equality and the respect of human rights. A state based on so exclusivist a claim to legitimacy cannot but conceive of separation as a solution. But separation is not the same as lasting peace; it only pulls apart warring parties. It does not heal old wounds, let alone redress historical wrongs.

However, take away the biblical right and suddenly mutual coexistence, even a one-state solution, doesn’t seem that far-fetched. What name that coexistence will take is less important than the fact that peoples have forgiven and that some measure of justice has been restored. Jews will continue to live in the Holy Land – as per the promise – as equals alongside its other rightful inhabitants.
If that kind of self-reproach is forthcoming, Israel can expect the Palestinians to be forgiving and magnanimous in return. The alternative is perpetual war.