Israel faces inevitable collapse of its apartheid system

“Israel’s racist right wing regime is turning the heat on Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) activists. Is this any different to the “total onslaught” against freedom struggle activists by the former apartheid government in South Africa? In fact, it is much worse…Despite being blinded foolishly by its all-encompassing power, Israel is well aware that a “total onslaught” didn’t save apartheid in South Africa. Neither mass arrests, nor executions of political activists, allowed the power-house of apartheid which resided in the National Party and was supported by capitalist corporations and their backers in the West, to rule South Africa forever. Indeed, not only did the brutal assault on fundamental human rights in South Africa fail to stem the tide of liberation, but the strategy of all-out war to destroy opposition to apartheid was also an utter failure.”