Israel-Hamas Edge Closer to a Ceasefire Deal

A ceasefire agreement being hammered out between Israel and the Gaza-based Palestinian Islamist group, Hamas, may bring an end to recent cross-border hostilities, which have included the deployment of explosive-laden kites over the separation fence into Israeli territory, according to the Lebanese Al-Akhbar Newspaper. The possible deal, should both sides accept it, will include the cessation of Palestinian protests along the Gaza-Israel border in exchange for a number of phased reciprocal measures by Israel.
These would begin with the reopening of two of Gaza’s crossing points to facilitate the entry of aid. The second phase would reportedly include an increase in Gaza’s electricity supply along with a larger variety of goods allowed to enter the besieged strip. The final stage — should cross-border calm prevail for that long — would include construction of a power plant in the neighbouring Sinai Peninsula to generate a reliable flow of electricity, with the aim of improving Gaza’s infrastructure, and a seaport in Ismailia for importing goods.