Israel Has Crossed the Red Line

The UN Special Rapporteurs recent situation on Israel’s disposition as occupier in the Palestinian Territory is harsh. He is unapologetic in his criticism of Israel’s conduct as the occupation authority. Illegality, he avers, is the word that describes Israel’s occupation best. It is ludicrous that Israel has violated as many as 40 UN Security Council resolutions and more than 100 UN General Assembly resolutions and is still allowed a place at the UN table. In the normal course of democratic traditions, it should be suspended until it comes to terms with its basic obligations. The worst part is that Israel is actually able to influence decisions in the UN through its main ally, the USA through with its veto. Israel audaciously actually seeks spaces in higher decision making bodies of the United Nations and would want most of all to have a seat in the UN Security Council. The international community is impotent in the face of this maneuvering of western nations in particular.

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