Israel is ‘looting’ Palestinians’ natural resources in West Bank, says NGO

Israel is “looting” the Palestinians’ natural resources in the West Bank, with the blessing of the Supreme Court, an NGO has charged. According to Yesh Din, the Israeli quarrying industry in the occupied West Bank has “expanded significantly” since a ruling by Israel’s top court, rejecting a petition brought by the NGO demanding an end to all mining and quarry activities in the region.

Yesh Din’s petition had claimed Israeli policy of “economic exploitation of occupied territory” constitutes a “blatant violation of international law”. But in 2011, Israel’s Supreme Court rejected the petition, “thereby regulating a colonial exploitation of natural resources on occupied land”. According to data obtained by the NGO, the amount of gravel mined in Area C of the West Bank –including both Israeli and Palestinian quarries – rose by 40 per cent from 2008 to 2015. Over 20 per cent of the State of Israel’s general consumption now comes from the quarries owned by Israel in the occupied West Bank.
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