Israel may be able to confiscate our money, but it cannot confiscate our dignity : Issa Qaraqe’

It seems that Israel, having completed its racist colonization project, began to arrange the details of the lives of the Palestinian people on the path of the destruction drama of the Palestinian national identity and of the Palestinian liberation project.

The ratification by the Israeli ministerial committee on June 14, 2017 of the draft law allowing the withholding of Palestinian tax funds under the claim that they are used to fund subsidies for the families of detainees, martyrs, and wounded is more horrifying and immoral than war itself.

Israel is attempting to skin and punish the Palestinian people alive and cloak penal legislations designed to crush the Palestinian people under the veil of law.

The Israeli, American and European objective through this blackmail and pressure on the Palestinian Authority is not financial. It is an attempt to classify the entire Palestinian national as terrorism and crime. The Palestinian resistance against the occupation represented by detainees, martyrs, and wounded is made illegitimate and stripped of its legal and humanitarian foundations, especially that which is rooted in international law that allows any people under occupation to resist this occupation for their freedom and dignity.
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