Israel reprimands South Africa over Israel Apartheid Week

South Africa’s Ambassador Sisa Ngombane has been “summoned”, according to Israeli media reports, following the recent #IsraeliApartheidWeek campaign in SA (click here).  “The Israeli Foreign Ministry has stated that South Africa’s ambassador to Israel will be summoned for an official reprimand following anti-Israeli remarks made by two senior officials in the South African government.” 

One of these officials speaking in Klerksdorp, demanded that South Africans should not fight in the Israeli Defence Force while the other speaking at Stellenbosch University, said that the Israeli army is a “murderous machine” and accused Israel of “water apartheid” against the Palestinians. He said: “There are two faces to the Israeli water story. The first is widely and extensively marketed. This is that technologically and in practice, Israel is a leading water innovations country with an excellent track record in water research, inventions, practices and products that are exported worldwide. At the same time Israel has been using water and the control of water access as a tool to control the Palestinian state….Israel is the world’s leading practitioner in Water Apartheid.”

 Click here for Nomvula Mokonyane’s full speech.