Israeli folly and reverse migration

Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has reported a “negative migration balance” with “the number of those who left Occupied [Territories] more than those who have migrated to it”. The latest CBS report indicated that in 2015, around “16,700 Israelis, most of them families, left Palestine, while 8,500 Jews settled there”. A report highlighted the sharp decline in the number of immigrants from France and the United States where the world’s largest communities of Jewish faith live. Overall the number of those who left Israel to live abroad permanently or for long periods exceeds twice the number of those who arrived in Israel.
A rising number of Russian Jews leaving Israel in recent years has also been revealed, with some of them returning to their home country while others headed to other countries.
Reverse migration does not only mean a brain drain and loss of competencies, but is existentially problematic. Indeed, Israel, since its establishment, has relied on supporting the ‘state’ with migrants of colonialists and increasing their numbers.
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