Israeli media plays up India’s silence on Palestine

Ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Israel+ , its media has played up the fact that New Delhi was silent on Israel’s  2014 military operation in the Gaza Strip which got near-worldwide condemnation.

“The political transformation that has taken place within India has also had an impact on its foreign policy vis-a-vis Israel…In July 2014, India abstained in the vote on the UN report condemning Israel for Operation Protective Edge,” noted an editorial in The Jerusalem Post, ahead of Modi’s visit to Israel. ‘Operation Protective Edge’ was what Israel named the July 2014 Gaza operation. The Modi government took office in May 2014.

An opinion piece in Haaretz, titled “Why India’s Narendra Modi Can Afford to Ignore the Palestinians”, said that India remains friendly to Palestinians “on paper” but not much else.
“On paper, India remains friendly to the Palestinians and to Mahmoud Abbas, who New Delhi calls the ‘president of Palestine’, not of the Palestinian Authority. However, his visit to India in May was low-key and the declaration India made in support of a two-state solution notably failed to mention East Jerusalem as Palestine’s future capital,” says the piece in Haaretz.
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