Israeli settlers write racist graffiti on walls and cars in Jerusalem

An unknown number of Israeli fanatic extremists infiltrated the as-Sahl neighborhood in Shoafat town, north of occupied East Jerusalem, and wrote racist graffiti in Hebrew on Palestinian cars and buildings. The graffiti included insults against the Muslim Prophet Mohammad. The vandals also slashed car tires.

Besides the insults against the Prophet Mohammad, the vandals also wrote ‘Pricetag’ and ‘Revenge’. They punctured the tires of 17 cars belonging to members of the families of Issa, Abu Zahara, Abu Khdeir, al-Mashni, Khaddor, Abdul-al, and D’eis. Local resident Morad Issa said that surveillance cameras captured the images of two Israeli settlers infiltrating into the neighborhood at about 3:15 am. The cameras showed the pair writing graffiti on the walls and on a car.
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